Department of English, DIECPD, Amravati

Head of the Department

Mrs. Varsha V. More

M.A., M.ED

Lecturer, DIECPD, Amravati.

Subject Assistant

Dr. Dnyaneshwar Y. Mohod

M.A., M.ED, M.Phil. SET

Ph.D. (Education)

Objective of the Department

  1. To sensitize participants (teachers) towards the expectation of Parents from the School English.
  2. To help Students, as well as teachers, devise activities to develop the various language Skills.
  3. To provide support to Teachers for the use of various tools and techniques in the teaching of English language.
  4. To support Teachers to work on Teachers continuous Professional Development.
  5. To fulfill the required expectation in PSM.

Various Projects of Department

  1. TEJAS-Technology enabled education through joint action and strategic initiatives. It’s for primary school in the district.
  • TAG- Teachers Activity Group
  • 54 TAG are in Amravati District.
  • 1165 TAG Teachers are in Amravati District.
  • Every Saturday in a month


  1. Spoken English Project– This project activity based project for the Teachers and Students of the Primary School in Maharashtra. Dr. Dnyaneshwar Y. Mohod has contributed to module making of Spoken English.


  1. CHESS Project– Continuous help of English Teachers from secondary schools. This Project is especially for a secondary school teacher.
  • ETF is an Activity
  • ETF- English Teacher Forum
  • In Amravati district, 14 ETFs are working.
  • More than 445 teachers are working in various ETF in Amravati District.

 The work done by the English Department

  1. 66 TAG teachers are observed by the Honorable HOD.
  2. 12 TAG teachers are observed by subject Assistant.
  3. The division level training programme of Spoken English has been taken in two batches in the period of 21.11.2017 to 30.11.2017. 84 English languages Ambassadors were made from four Districts along with Amravati. In Amravati District spoken English training was held in fifteen clusters along with Amravati. Municipal Corporation in the period of 2 January 2018 to 12 January 2018.

1450 teachers are trained in 2017-18 this block level training.

  1. In 14 block level, ETF 6 meeting has been completed.

Extended work done by the English Department

  1. Spoken English rubrics were for the observation of teachers own work and 47 spoken English teachers were observed by a subject assistant.
  2. CPD workshops were arranged for the subject resource persons.

Upcoming events from the department of English

  1. Symposium for 100 teachers at District level
  2. 100% spoken English classrooms in 15 clusters in spoken English project.

Photo Gallery- some photos from the various project.

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